Volunteers in Action

Volunteers Photo1

Photo1. Don and Michael cut the Roosevelt 16' Open Diapason windchest.


Volunteers Photo2

Photo 2. Henry helps wash the metal pipes.


Volunteers Photo3

Photo 3. John wires a spreader board that is a junction board for the windchests.


Volunteers Photo4

Photo 4. Barbara wires the key contact boards while Nan sands the foot pedals.


Volunteers Photo4

Photo 5. The volunteers stop for lunch and some relaxing conversation.


Volunteers Photo6

Photo 6. From left to right, Michael, Roger, Phil and Bob work on the Great main chest.


Volunteers Photo7

Photo 7. Dave and Brendan modify a rackboard for the main chest.


Volunteers Photo8

Photo 8. Chuck and Barbara discuss the wiring of the console key contacts.


Volunteers Photo9

Photo 9. John and Michael put the Bourdon pipes in place on the legs.


Volunteers Photo10

Photo 10. Warren and Dan puzzle out the setup for the swell shades.


Volunteers Photo11

Photo 11. Frames are laid out on the workshop floor.


Volunteers Photo12

Photo 12. Jim will rebuild the electropneumatic mechanism.


Volunteers Photo13

Photo 13. Barbara checks the order of the chimes before wiring them.


Volunteers Photo14

Photo 14. Halie and Andrea wash metal pipers before they are put onto the chest.

Volunteers Roosevelt High School Project

We had a total of 43 volunteers who worked on the rebuild and expansion of the Roosevelt organ, and altogether they contributed more than 5,100 hours to this project.  There were 17 people each of whom contributed more than 100 hours to the project and six of these contributed more than 250 hours.  The vast majority of this work was done in the first seven months of 2009 and we typically worked two days per week during this period.  We often had 8 to 12 people come on a work day, but at times as many as 16 people came to work at the same time.  As many as eight different tasks were simultaneously being worked upon in a truly intense effort which resulted in the instrument being done ahead of schedule and under budget. 

The photographs in the left sidebar show some of the tasks that our volunteers did to make this rebuilt and expanded organ a reality for Roosevelt students. You can click on the photos to see larger images.