Volunteers in Action

Art Cleaning

Photo1. Art reassembles reeds after cleaning.


Halie Cleaning Pipes

Photo 2. Halie cleans metal pipes that are 100 years old and tries to get 100 years of dirt off!


Myrtle Wiring

Photo 3.Myrtle wires driver boards.


Driver Boards

Photo 4. Close up view of the driver boards Myrtle has wired. Every effort is made to do things carefully and neatly in Foundation organs.


Ransom Tuning

Photo 5. Ransom does preliminary tuning of pipes that will go into the "flower boxes."


Barbara Refinishes

Photo 6. Barbara refinishes pedals while Fred and Art work on windchests.


Fred and Bart

Photo 7. Fred and Bart construct a windchest.


Bart and Wes

Photo 8. Bart and Wes set up the blower to go down into the blower pit.


Chuck Carl Bob

Photo 9. Chuck, Carl and Bob work on the console in the assembly room.


Bart Tuning

Photo 10. Bart does priliminary tuning of pipes that will go into the "flower boxes."


Volunteers in Workshop

Photo 11. Volunteers in the shop work on the long Violone pipes and the windchests which will go into the Antiphonal organ.


Steve Painstaking

Photo 12. Steve undertakes the painstaking work of getting the newly engraved stop tablets attached to the stop switches.


Carl Bart Rackboards

Photo 13. Carl and Bart install rackboards and pipes for the bass pipes of the pedal diapason.


Ben Modifying

Photo 14. Ben modifies the console dolly to fit the console exactly, and mounts the castors on it so that it will be movable.


Barbara Art Setting Tension

Photo 15. Barbara and Art set tension on the pedals according to AGO standars.

Volunteers continue Work on Covenant Presbyterian Organ

In October, 2010, our volunteers finished work on the console and on the six ranks of pipes that were to be placed in the "flower boxes" on each side of the front of the church.  These items were then taken to the church and put in place.  It was also necessary to make a number of adjustments in the organ that was playing there at that time in order to integrate the new instrument with the old one.  The product of all of this was that the organ played for the first time for the Thanksgiving Eve service, 2010. 

The pictures on the left sidebar show some of the many tasks that volunteers did in order to bring this organ into service.  Click on the photos to see larger images.  Other tasks, done earlier by volunteers, are shown in the photographs of volunteers presented in an earlier page of this website.  The last portion of the organ to be completed is the Antiphonal organ which will be at the back of the church.  As one of the photos shows, this will include full length 16' Violone pipes that will be put on the back wall and which will stretch nearly up to the ceiling.  In front of them will be other pipes including a Geigen Principal, a flute (Melodia), a reed (Harmonic Cornopean), and a string (Violone) rank.  The result will be a surrounding effect that will bathe the congregation in sound.

As of the end of January 2011, a total of 24 volunteers have now worked on this instrument over an 18 month period.  They have put in approximately 3,750 hours with 3,250 of these being in 2010.  It is anticipated that approximately 600 hours more will be required to complete the instrument.

The photographs in the left sidebar show volunteers in action on the Covenant Presbyterian Project. You can click on the photos to see larger images.