Volunteers in Action

Photo 1

Photo1. Steve attached newly engraved stop tablets to the switches that they will operate.



Photo 2. Myrtle wires a harness for an electronic driver board.



Photo 3. Barbara washes one of the tin/lead pipes in the diapason chorus.



Photo 4. Halie polishes one of the pipes after it has been washed.



Photo 5. Carl P. measures a pipe for rackboard drilling while Fred performs calculations on a new toe board that must be made.



Photo 6. Carl D. bores out the bottom of a pipe to reposition a pipe foot.



Photo 7. Volunteers work on a windchest for one of the "flower boxes" at the church.



Photo 8. Barbara and Halie do wiring on interchange boards.



Photo 9. Ben works on shaping damaged pipe toes.



Photo 10. Carl P., Ben, and Art work on a rackboard for bass pipes.



Photo 11. Jim sits by the console bench which he rebuilt and refinished.



Photo 12. Fred, Barbara, and Steve enjoy doing various bench work tasks.

Volunteers Covenant Presbyterian Project

We are currently working actively on this project, with approximately 10
volunteers spending an average of 7 hours per week.  Our efforts have
focused on the console and on the six ranks of pipes that will go into the
"flower boxes" on each side at the front of the church.  Volunteers are
taking out the old wiring and mechanism in the console and they are
installing a new Syndyne electronic system.  This system will provide great
versatility to the organist and will include multiple memories, many general
and divisional pistons, a transposer, and other features.

The volunteers have now nearly completed the work on the windchests and
pipes which are to go into the flower boxes.  The pipes will be fully
exposed on either side of the front of the church, and they include a five
rank diapason chorus and an 8' Rohrflute.  The diapason chorus consists of
an independent 8' Open Diapason for the Pedal as well as four ranks for the
Great:  8' Open Diapason, 4' Octave, 2 2/3' Twelfth, and 2' Fifteenth.

Note is made that while Foundation volunteers work on the instrument in the
shop, there are volunteers from the church who are preparing the building
for installation of the instrument.  In particular, Jim Roecker and Andy
Rustola are working heavily on the design and installation of the flower
boxes, and they are using structural engineering assistance to be sure that
the supports are strong enough to hold up the pipes and windchests, even
with a major earthquake.  Their work is absolutely critical for the
successful completion of this project.

The photographs in the left sidebar show volunteers in action on the Covenant Presbyterian Project. You can click on the photos to see larger images.