Volunteers are the backbone of all Pipe Organ Foundation projects. With close supervision, they have contributed countless hours to our projects and produced quality work making it possible to complete the projects at the lowest possible cost. Their dedication has resulted in the realization of the Foundation's Mission. You can check out the volunteers working on projects at the links in the left sidebar.  Volunteers do a wide variety of things which make rebuilding a pipe organ possible including moving and assembling parts of the organ, releathering and rewiring of windchests, wood work, electronics work, building structural supports for components of the organ, and caring for the pipes including cleaning and repairing of them. 

You need have no experience in working with organs in order to volunteer.  Much of the work is bench work, often at the shop on Mercer Island, and frequently with other volunteers who range in age from high schoolers to retirees.  We can find a task that works well for you, close guidance is provided, and the hours are flexible.  Volunteers routinely report a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in doing this work.   If you have an interest in this, we would encourage you to contact us for more information.