We are able to provide evaluations, referrals, and repair services for organs, and we focus on those pipe organs in the Pacific Northwest which are in public settings and where there are limited funds. We appreciate knowing of pipe organs which need to be removed from their current locations. As more organs are available than we can renovate, we must be selective in what we accept, but we are happy to come and evaluate each organ brought to our attention.


Each organ is carefully evaluated and rebuilt with a view towards the place in which the organ is to be located. The majority of the work is done with carefully guided volunteers. This work includes wiring, electronic assembly, wood working, leather replacement, pipe work including cleaning and polishing, and organ assembly. Because the organs are typically donated and the renovation is primarily done with volunteers, we are able to place these organs at greatly reduced prices.

When a pipe organ is renovated and ready for placement, we place it in the public setting for which its rebuilding was tailor made. Such placements are routinely made where a pipe organ is desired but could not otherwise be afforded. Churches and other public institutions should not hesitate to ask us about the possibility of obtaining a pipe organ from us, even if they have very limited funds.