Covenant Presbyterian Church Organ

Covenant Presbyterian Church in Issaquah has just completed a handsome new sanctuary, and the Pipe Organ Foundation has committed itself to the installation of a pipe organ in the new building.

Project Covenant Photo1
Casework under construction

The church already has a II/8 pipe organ placed by the Foundation in its small sanctuary in 2002. As the congregation starts to meet in the new building in the fall of 2005, the existing organ will be moved to the larger building. The Foundation has some funds set aside to install an enhanced organ in the new building during the next year. This organ is already in the hands of the Foundation, and it will be modified so that it is appropriate for the new sanctuary.

Project Covenant Photo2
Casework detail

During this next year, work on this instrument will be undertaken so that it is appropriate for the new building and for the congregation which will be meeting there.

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