News June 2008

Blessed Seelos Project Report

Carl Dodrill


Our tonal finisher, Jim Stettner, and I finished the organ Saturday morning just in time to pack up our tools by noon and get to the airport to board our 2:21 PM flight. We worked extra hours all week including late Friday evening in order to achieve this goal. When Jim played, "For All the Saints" with full organ, the room was filled with fabulous sound, soul-touching sound, sound that could not be ignored. At 4 PM that day, it was played in the first service by the church organist Steve Forster (see photo below). The next morning, he played it again for the 9:30 AM Mass. We are told that the playing went very well indeed.

Publicity in the New Orleans area has been unbelievable. We were on two TV channels and featured in the major New Orleans newspaper the Times-Picayune. They came out on four occasions to interview and video tape us. Below is one of the photos they used:


Thanks to everyone that worked so hard on this project and made it happen. It took a lot of dedicated work, but the inspiration it brings to their church and the individuals that will hear the glory of the organ make it all worth while. Thanks you so very much.

If you want to read more about the project go to the May 2008 news.

Getting Involved

You are invited to be involved in the Pipe Organ Foundation. Volunteers are needed to do bench work in the Foundation facilities on Mercer Island. The work is repetitive but not strenuous and it is in a pleasant environment. Contact Carl to inquire. Financial contributions are especially welcome at this time as they would make possible the projects outlined above plus others in the planning stage. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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