News June 2004

Foundation Takes On Charitable Organ Repair

In the last several months, the Pipe Organ Foundation has surveyed the existing pipe organs in several churches and has agreed to repair several at nominal cost. Among these are the following:

The Columbia Lakewood Community Church in the Genesee area of Seattle has a II/7 1960 Balcom and Vaughn organ which was playing poorly. The Foundation has gone through the organ, fixed most of the problems, and tuned it in time for Christmas, 2003. The organ chamber must now be cleaned including washing the pipes. Tonal refinishing will follow. The church also has a second Balcom and Vaughn, a II/9 from 1961 in storage, and plans are being made to take portions of this second organ and add them to the first, expanding the final instrument. Duplicative components will be contributed to the Foundation when the project is done.


View of the main chest at Columbia Lakewood Community Church

Liberty Bay Presbyterian Church in Poulsbo, Washington has a III/15 mostly J.W. Steere organ only a portion of which has been playable for some time. The Foundation has agreed to assist the church members with the repair and cleaning of the organ, beginning with the releathering of the primary regulator for the Swell and Pedal divisions which has a large hole in it. Repairs needed will include releathering the Bourdon chest, fixing problems in the console, repairing pipes, and a thorough cleaning of the entire instrument. A significant portion of the work is to be accomplished by church members under the direction of the Foundation.


Console at Liberty Bay Presbyterian Church

Madrona Presbyterian Church in Seattle has a II/8 Estey pipe organ that was originally tubular pneumatic and in a theater. It was electrified some time ago, but the congregation has not had the funds to keep the repairs up on the instrument. The Foundation has agreed to effect repairs at little or no cost to the church. Once this is done and the organ is cleaned, the Foundation will also assist in expanding this instrument.


Inside the chamber at Madrona Presbyterian Church. The leaning pipes are due to a broken rackboard which will be repaired.

Getting Involved

You are invited to be involved in the Pipe Organ Foundation. Volunteers are needed to do bench work in the Foundation facilities on Mercer Island. The work is repetitive but not strenuous and it is in a pleasant environment. Contact Carl to inquire. Financial contributions are especially welcome at this time as they would make possible the projects outlined above plus others in the planning stage. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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