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Foundation President Publishes Second Article on Attendance at Organ Recitals


In July, 2014, Pipe Organ Foundation President Carl Dodrill published a second paper in The American Organist (vol. 48, no. 7, pp. 48-51), the journal of the American Guild of Organists.  Like the first paper, the article is a scientific and statistically-based study on attendance at organ recitals and what attracts people to these events.  In very brief summary, the article showed that increased familiarity of the music played increased the appeal of the music to the audience. While this overall conclusion would not appear to be surprising, demonstrating this empirically has not been done before and drawing this fact to the attention of organists nationally may help to design their recitals so that they have broader appeal.  In summary for the two articles taken together, the music will have greater appeal if it shows variety in musical style and if it is familiar to the audience.  You may download a PDF file of the full text of the article below (click on the title).

Increasing Interest in Organ Recitals
The Importance of Familiarity of Repertoire

Carl B. Dodrill

Copyright 2014, by the American Guild of Organists.
Used with permission of The American Organist Magazine.


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