antiphonal division

Photo 1. Existing Antiphonal division of Covenant Presbyterian organ.  The lines drawn show the approximate places where the Erzahler and Erzahler Celeste go.
























Covenant Presbyterian Church Expands and Enhances Organ

Carl Dodrill 11/24/12

Covenant Presbyterian in Issaquah, Washington has the Pipe Organ Foundation's Opus 6, a 20 rank, 3 manual instrument.  A prominent feature of this organ is a 4 rank Antiphonal division, but this division does not have any truly soft voices.  The Foundation has proposed and the church has accepted a plan for the addition of two ranks of very soft pipes at the back, an 8' Erzahler and an 8' Erzahler Celeste (t.c.).  These two ranks will be played together and they will provide an exquisite and a delicate sound which will be useful in quieter portions of worship services.  Chest construction will be undertaken by organ builder Paul Sahlin in California who is a true expert in building custom windchests of this type.
The church has also accepted a proposal by the Foundation to install a Syndyne Profiler system in the organ.  This advanced electronic system allows for recording and playback of the organ which would be of value to the organists because it will permit them to record in practice and then to walk around the sanctuary and hear the instrument from various locations.  It also will allow for the recording of pieces which can then be played back at a future time one after another in order to produce a CD, and it will also allow guest artists to have their playing recorded for later playback. 

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