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Photo 1. Photo of front of sanctuary at Prospect Congregational Church showing current location of console, and planned location.
























Foundation Assists
Prospect Congregational Church with
Console Move and Repairs

Carl Dodrill 11/25/12

Prospect Congregational Church of Seattle has had a two manual, eight rank Kimball organ since 1932 when it was installed at the church new.  This Kimball is in fact the only Kimball organ in the Seattle area which is still in its original location.  The church has found it necessary to relocate the console about 12 feet away from its original location in order to reconfigure the front of the sanctuary, and the Foundation has been hired to assist the church in making this move,  The picture shows the current location of the console and its planned new location. 

Prospect Congregational Church has also secured the services of the Foundation to effect repairs to the Kimball organ.  Although the organ is in most respects in good condition and is playable, it does need maintenance.  The regulators are in need of releathering, there are several wiring and pipe-related problems, and the instrument is in need of tuning and regulation.  It will be possible to complete some of these repairs before Christmas, 2012, and the remainder will be done in early 2013. 

It will be a real pleasure to work on this original installation Kimball. The organ's historic value is clear, and this value should be attended to and preserved.


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