Pipe Organ Foundation Facilities

The physical facilities of the Foundation are on Mercer Island which is very close to Seattle.  The principal building available to the Foundation consists of a workroom/assembly room, a wood and pipe shop, and an upstairs storage and work area especially devoted to console rebuilding.  This building was completed in early 2012.  While the facility is not large, it was designed specifically for pipe organ work.  The Foundation also has available four other storage facilities.

On the main level is the wood and pipe shop where most of the heavy work of organ rebuilding takes place.  In this shop are also no fewer than 150 boxes of pipe organ parts and supplies.  These parts and supplies are invaluable in rebuilding instruments, and they also facilitate in making this happen at low cost.

The workroom and assembly area is where handwork of all sorts is done including wiring, leathering, felting, and some pipe cleaning.  The volunteers have a most pleasant view out the large window while they do their work.  The room also serves as a lunch room, and the lunch table is a wonderful place for the volunteers to connect with one another.  Finally, as the organ parts are completed, they are assembled in this room.

On the top level above the wood and pipe shop is the space where console rebuilding takes place.  Using a chain hoist, consoles are lifted up from the wood shop floor through a specifically designed hole in the ceiling up into the console work area.  The area also provides storage space.

Wood and Pipe Shop
Work Room and Assembly Area
Console Work and Storage